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Yemeni National Delegation Blames UN Envoy

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The National Delegation confirmed in a message to UN that to achieve a successful discussion , UN must do the following :

1- Avoid mistakes that committed during last discussion especially at the last round in Al-Kuwait .

2-The necessary of UN commitment of being  neutral ,  and to avoid  adopting any initiatives of one side and neglect the other.

3-Avoid losing time which intend to provide protection for the aggression to kill Yemenis.

In addition , the delegation confirmed that any resuming for the discussion must concentrate clearly  on complete,general and lasting  solutions . The solutions must mainly  include   the agreement to form presidential institutions and government to save the unity of Yemen and its security ,also it  must include political , economic ,humanity , and security sides… so on , without parting or delaying any part .The delegation affirmed  to continue the previous discussions in its specific date and place , and affirmed on

1-We confirmed UN decisions except the punishments and putting Yemen under the seventh item and every thing  affects  the national sovereignty . Also we confirmed the constitution , the peace and partnership agreement and the agreed results of the national dialogue conference .

2- Activating the responsible  local committees to stop fighting  in the air, land and sea .

3-  Canceling  the unfair siege on Yemen in all its kinds , and removing all  economics and commercial constraints . in addition, finding quick solutions for the economics case and stop any further deterioration.

4- Releasing the prisoners and detainees and those who are under staying arrest from all sides whether outside or inside Yemen.

5- We confirm that the main problem is because the intransigence of the other side and  in their refusing the whole solution especially the political solution .

6-All sides must  be commitment in avoid doing any procedure which obstruct solutions .


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