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A Big Rally in Al-Mahwit Condemn USA and Its Crimes in AL-Sarari Village .

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Al-Mahwit  Province

A big protest rally was organized in Shibam Kawkaban district , Al-Mahwit province condemning America and the hypocrites’ crimes in Al-Sarari village , Taiz province . The people of Shibam Kawkaban city gathered in a massive public protest rally titled, “Alsarari  is being slaughtered by the US-KSA coalition. The protesters in the rally affirmed their condemnation with the strongest words all the crimes committed against Alsarari  village in specific and Yemen in general. They also reaffirmed their full support for the brave fighters of the Yemeni Army and the public committees . They pledged to continue supplying the warfronts with more fighters, money and weapons. The protesters also praised and declared their total support the recent national political agreement between Ansarullah and the GPC party and their allies. This agreement comes to carry out the commands of the Holy Quran, “Be mindful of Allah ,and settle your differences ,and obey Allah and his massenger , if you are believers” . The rally was concluded with final declaration stating the following: –

*We declare our utmost condemnation for the crimes that the “hypocrites” committed which don’t relate to Islam at all.

*We affirm that the crimes against Alsarari  come under the framework of  USA plan.

* We affirm that USA & Israel bears the full responsibility for their followers’ genocide against the people of Alsarari village.

*We affirm that USA & Israel plan is the most dangerous to the Islamic & Arab nation , in particular, and to the whole world in general.

*We declare that we stand behind Alsayed Abdulmalik Alhuthie the leader of the Quranic Masirah. We also declare our complete readiness to defend our faith, land and dignity. We will never surrender to the criminal tyrants, and we will continue to combat them with Allah’s help. We trust in Allah’s promise in Quran, “O who you believe! If you support Allah, He will support you, and will strengthen your foothold”    

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